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Oscar Hevia, M.D
Dr. Hevia has devoted his distinguished career in cosmetic dermatology to helping his patients achieve their ultimate aesthetic potential, by looking refreshed and rejuvenated -without surgery. He has accomplished this with his renowned and innovative facial and skin rejuvenation procedures.

What is the Red Mangrove Extract? Inspired by his patients' needs, Dr. Hevia endeavored to create a unique, unmatched skin care line, formulated to achieve meaningful results. Early in his quest, his research into plant-derived skin repair compounds made him realize that his products would need a powerful antioxidant to achieve these goals. Being a native of Cuba and a long time resident of Florida, he looked to his heritage and surroundings for an answer. Mangroves are indigenous to the coasts of Florida and the Caribbean and play an important ecological role in maintaining the health of these coastal regions. The Mangrove tree is truly amazing in that it is able to thrive in direct sunlight, no soil for nourishment, with its roots exposed and in very little water. How could this resilient plant play a role in an anti-aging skincare product?

Through Dr. Hevia's Clinical Research, he has discovered that we can protect our skin and promote cellular health much in the same way the plant protects itself from the harsh elements. He has also discovered that it has anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antiseptic properties which aid in soothing and healing skin. Through a unique and proprietary extraction process, using red mangrove seedlings which are ecologically grown and harvested through a sustainable method, we are able to produce our powerful, anti-aging antioxidant.

Dr. Hevia is a strong environmental supporter & respects the sustainability of this prized plant and other plants indigenous to Florida. As a result, a portion of our proceeds are donated to the South Florida National Parks Trust to restore and replant trees that are crucial part of the eco-sytem and the floral identity of the Florida coastal region.